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When the storms of life are raging, it can seem pretty much impossible to achieve the desires of your heart. Nearly everyone told Mr. Les Brown, an impoverished young boy from Liberty City, Florida to give up on his dreams. He was labeled educable mentally retarded in elementary school and even referred to as ‘the dumb twin’ by his classmates. Against all of the odds Les was unrelenting and unstoppable. He somehow knew his dream was possible and refused to give up. Mr. Brown’s HUNGER to take care of his mother and become a world renowned professional speaker was great enough to empower him to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Making a difference and impacting lives became the magnificent obsession of Mr. Les Brown. For over 50 years he has transformed lives nationally and internationally as a fast talking radio DJ sensation, community activist, State Legislator and motivational guru. His global following call him The World’s #1 Motivational Speaker. Rising above and beyond poverty, racism, setbacks, divorce, the loss of loved ones, family tragedies, terminal cancer, and even an opioid addiction; he is living proof that everyone’s dream, including yours, is possible.

Les Brown is known by millions for his innate ability to show you how to recognize your hidden greatness and unlock the untapped power that lies within. In a very brilliant yet simplistic way Les Brown teaches you in this book how to face and handle the obstacles that you must overcome in life in order snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This body of work is designed to transform your mind and set your soul on fire to access the GREATNESS that is within you…however you must remember…


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"My spirit has been lifted. He has so much passion, such a heart, such a fighter, so inspiring, & so uplifting."

-Willy Morris
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